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Asal Etiket offers you professional and fast services thanks to its state-of-the-art machinery. We produce organic food labels, packaged food labels, fruit labels, deep-frozen food labels, and package them in rolls to be delivered to you.

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Consumers make their purchases based on the brand image of your product, namely how professional it looks. In the food sector, where the product range is quite wide, special applications should be carried out based on the usage area and the product range. The label adhered to the product should be able to reflect brand image and quality of your product. To create a professional brand image, it is of great importance to print quality labels in accordance with current design trends and cutting-edge printing standards.
Since the colors and dimensions in label printing differ for the product type and the area of ​​use, the printing solutions offered also differ. With our LED UV printing technology, we can produce labels that can adhere to all materials such as paper, plastic, etc. without any problems. With the special UV rays of the Led UV printing technology, the paints dry instantly and the risk of the paint run is prevented.
Hazardous chemicals and dyes on human health are not used in our food product labels. With the latest technology camera quality control system, labels are controlled on the production line to minimize errors and risks.

Organic Food Labels

Organic food labels can be printed to reflect the product features of the brands that offer services in the field of organic food. Thanks to our printing technologies, it is possible to print labels on many different surfaces.

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Packaged Food Labels

We can print labels that reflect the product features and meet the special needs of the brands that sell packaged products such as cheese, cheddar, olive, delicatessen, spice, bread, chocolate, or nuts. Thanks to the printing technologies used in the Asal Etiket production line, it is possible to print labels on many different surfaces.

Canned Food Labels

Labels can be produced to be used in the packaging of canned food products such as olive oil and other oils, bulk or herbal teas. To preserve these labels from external factors during the packaging, storage and transportation stages, high quality, water resistant, special cut canned food labels can be printed with offset and flexo printing technologies and with cellophane coating application post printing process. Asal Etiket offers you the best quality and most suitable printing options to keep the labels intact against hot, cold and humid weather conditions.

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Deep Frozen Food Labels

Deep-frozen food labels are produced with deep freeze adhesive labels developed for the products stored in the deep freezer. Normal adhesive labels cannot withstand these environments and the labels fall off the products and become deformed. The barcode, expiry date and usage instructions on the deep-frozen food labels must be legible. For this reason, label raw materials that do not deform, tear or fall off should be used in products to be stored in the deep freezer.

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