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Consumers make their purchases based on the brand image of your product, namely how it looks. The quality of printing is really important for your brand positioning. The label printed on the product should be able to reflect the brand image and quality of your product. Labels are used in many sectors today. Adhesive roll labels identify a brand's name, uses, ingredients, and other product information. These are excellent tools for conveying relevant information to your customers while improving your brand image at the same time.
To create a professional brand image, it is of great importance to print quality labels in accordance with current design trends and cutting-edge printing standards. Since the colors and dimensions in label printing differ for the product type and the area of ​​use, the printing solutions offered also differ. With our LED UV printing technology, we can produce labels that can adhere to all materials such as paper, plastic, metal etc. without any problems. With the special UV rays of the Led UV printing technology, the paints dry instantly and the risk of the paint run is prevented.
We can produce roll labels with over 100 different raw materials. Paper-based and plastic-based roll labels are the most preferred label type. Paper based labels includes glossy or coated papers, high gloss, thermal labels. Plastic-based labels are polypropylene (Opaque PP), transparent labels, metallized labels and ultra clear labels. Compared to other types of labels, plastic labels are more resistant to environmental conditions such as heat, water, and light.
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Adhesive Roll Label Printing

Adhesive Roll Labels are produced from paper, plastic-based and special raw materials with or without printing and called roll labels because they are wrapped on a roll. Divided into two as paper-based and plastic-based roll labels, these labels are the most used label types. The paper-based labels consist of coated labels, vellum labels, high gloss and thermal labels. Paper labels are tearable and more sensitive to moisture and sunlight than plastic labels. Plastic-based ones, on the other hand, are polypropylene (Opaque PP) transparent, metallized and ultra-clear labels. Compared to other types of labels, plastic labels are more resistant to environmental conditions such as heat, water and light. Labels are used in many sectors today. Adhesive roll labels identify a brand's name, use, ingredients, and other product information. These are excellent tools for conveying relevant information to your customers while improving your brand image at the same time.

Embossed (Silk Screen Print) Labels

Thanks to the silk screen printing technique, we can apply embossed lacquer to the areas you want on your labels. We can also get a very clear print with silkscreen white on transparent materials. We can print braille alphabet on your labels in order to serve visually impaired people.

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Coated Labels

Coated label is a type of label suitable for ribbon printing. It is highly preferred because it is cost-effective. It is the most preferred type of label among the paper-based ones. Since it is a paper-based product, it is not resistant to water, heat and weather conditions. However, it is still more durable than other paper-based thermal labels. As it doesn’t have a rough surface, it yields effective results with Wax, Resin and Wax-resin ribbon printing. What you should pay attention to in coated labels is the quality of the ribbon chosen for printing. If the right ribbon is not selected, the prints on the coated label may scatter with a touch and become illegible.
Coated labels are generally used for products that will be stored and preserved for more than 1 year. It is approximately 5 times more durable than thermal labels. Coated labels should be kept away from moisture, liquids, and friction. In this way, it is possible to extend the life of the label up to 4-5 years.

Transparent Labels

Plastic-based, transparent labels are produced from Polypropylene and Polyethylene materials. Since the surface of the label is transparent, it is preferred to show the surface underneath. These labels are resistant to heat, light, water and moisture. Since transparent materials are used in transparent label printing, white liner is printed under the printing. Otherwise, the printing will take the color of the background to which the transparent label is attached and the desired color and the design  can’t be achieved on the product. It is produced with acrylic, hotmelt and nonperm adhesives. It is widely used in the cosmetics and chemical industry.

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Metallized Labels

Metallized labels are produced from polypropylene materials and have a shiny silver metallized appearance on both surfaces. Although these labels have the same features as polypropylene labels, the print on them looks much clearer, brighter and more vivid due to their metallized appearance. Metallized labels give your products a stylish look thanks to their shiny appearance. Metallized Labels with various adhesive properties can be produced depending on the application area. If you want the colors to be vivid on metallized labels, white printing is applied under the printing to achieve the desired printing color. Metallized labels can also be applied on glossy paper.

Polypropylene Labels

Opaque PP label is a type of plastic-based label with a rigid structure. It is highly resistant to water, humidity and heat. Besides, it never stretches and can hardly be torn. It is a type of label used in outdoor environments due to its tear-proof feature. Ribbon printing can be done on opaque Polypropylene label surfaces. The cost of opaque PP labels are higher than paper-based labels. However, their lifetime is longer than paper-based labels. Opaque PP labels are generally not preferred in bright environments because they have a glossy surface. Their gloss can cause barcode readers to have difficulty reading the print on the labels.

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Polyethylene Labels

Polyethylene (PE) label is a type of plastic-based label. It is completely resistant to all external factors such as heat, light, moisture, water, wear and tear. It is the most durable type of label among all label types. The adhesive part of the label is produced from a special material, which is why it can last up to 1 month without dissolving even under the sea. Polyethylene labels are preferred in products that are used by squeezing, like shampoo, since they can stretch well. The polyethylene label is flexible and can be torn.

Ultra Clear Labels

Ultra Clear Label is also known as transparent label. It is a transparent and plastic-based label. Generally preferred for glass bottles, Ultra Clear labels are resistant to wear and tear caused by moisture, light, heat and external effects. Ultra Clear labels create an aesthetic appearance for your brand thanks to their transparent appearance. They cost much less and offer different design options compared to the direct packaging printing.

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Vellum Labels

It is a type of coated label. Its difference from the coated label is the unpolished, matte and rough surface of the label. The roughness provides the best ribbon printing result by preventing gloss on the label. In this way, it is mostly preferred in areas where barcode readers are used. It is not suitable for use in open areas because it is a paper-based label. Vellum label printing is done with ribbon. The quality of the ribbon affects the lifetime of the label. These labels can last between 1 and 3 years depending on the quality of the ribbon and the area of ​​use, e.g., outdoor, humid and damp areas.

Laminated Thermal Labels

These labels are thermal and printed using the thermal printing method, without the need to use ribbons.Your barcode printer must be compatible with direct thermal printing to do this. Laminated (Top) Thermal labels have a protective layer on the surface of the thermal layer. For this reason, their lifetime is longer compared to Eco Thermal Labels. The cost is low due their long lifetime and ribbon-free printing. Their adhesive properties and paper weights are the same as Eco Thermal labels. The only difference between them is the protective surface. Laminated (Top) Thermal labels should be kept away from heat and light. However, they are still more durable when compared to Eco Thermal labels. These labels have an average life of 6-9 months. The print on Laminated Thermal labels, which have expired, fades over time and the label begins to darken. Laminated (Top) Thermal labels have an average of 3-5 months longer life than Eco Thermal labels.

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