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We are at your service with our 45 years of industry experience and state-of-the-art machinery.

As a joint venture of Ada Matbaacılık and Fersa Offset, one of the leading companies in the printing industry, Asal Etiket provides services in the field of label printing technologies without compromising its trust policy with its 45 years of industry experience.

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As a joint venture of Ada Matbaacılık and Fersa Offset, one of the leading companies in the printing industry, Asal Etiket provides services in the field of label printing technologies without compromising its trust policy with its 45 years of industry experience.
Aiming to meet all the needs of its customers with its customer-oriented approach, Asal Etiket provides its services with advanced roll label production technologies and its experienced staff in a closed production area of ​​1,500 m². Focused on technology and modernization, the company has the capacity to produce labels for all kinds of materials by using digital, offset, flexo printing, cold and hot foil stamping techniques.
With years of experience in the graphic design, pre-press, post-press and logistics teams, Asal Etiket also provides consultancy services, offering all the solutions you may need within the scope of high-speed roll label production under one roof.

Digital Roll Label Printing Machine

Digital printing technology yields quick and cost-effective results. Besides, it is an ideal platform for personalized projects. Since molds are not used in digital printing, special and customized designs can be brought to life. This system saves both time, labor and material.

dijital rulo etiket baskı makinesi
7 renk led kurutmalı ofset baskı makinesi

7 Color Led Curing Offset Printing Machine

Our offset printing machine, which performs high resolution label printing with LED curing and offset printing technology, can produce labels in high quantities quickly at a low cost with CTP mold technology, and can work with a wide variety of material types with different surfaces. With its 7-color printing unit, it can print more than one special pantone color work in one pass, as well as applying cold foil.

10 Color Led UV Flexo Printing Machine

Flexo printing technique ranks first among the most popular printing techniques in the field of roll label printing. Photopolymer printing and Led UV-based paints are used in flexo printing. Our high-tech flexo printing machine, which can print on all kinds of label materials as well as the adhesive surface on the back of the label, is the first flexo machine in Turkey with 10-color Led UV ink. It is a printing system that is preferred especially in label and packaging printing, where printing techniques are not possible because of economic or technical restrictions.

10 renk flekso baskı makinesi
sıcak yaldız ve tahta bıçak kesim makinesi

Hot Foil and Wooden Knife Cutting Machine

It carries out paper entry, lamination, cutting (foil stamping if desired), lace burr and coil winding processes, respectively. It can be used to cut self-adhesive labels, and hologram security labels. It is an ideal finishing machine for machines such as embossing, hot foil, screen printing machine, flexo printing, and printing machine.

Quality Control Machine with Camera

It is a machine that enables the control of printed labels with a camera. It provides control of almost all kinds of adhesive labels (including transparent labels) and inspection of any problems that may occur during the printing process (laser printing, gold foil printing, cold foil stamping, hologram laser, scratch printing defects, glue overflow, etc.). There is also a cutting unit for slicing operations. The paper cutting unit is used for functions such as slicing labels with fixed length and quality control. Slicing length is adjustable. In case of errors in the actual slicing length, parameters can be readjusted and easily calibrated.The slicing control of the machine has 2 settings:Static adjustment: It stops automatically when the length set is reached. It will run after restarting immediately.Dynamic adjustment: It does not stop when it reaches the length set, it continues slicing after warning signals.

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yaprak bıçak kesim makinesi

Flexible Die Cutting Machine

Especially in automatic labelling machines, the most important factor to be considered to perform applications on the package without any issues is that the pergamum carrying the label should not get damaged. The uneven hitting of the cutting knife during the cutting process causes the pergamum to burst or get damaged and deform the silicone on the carrier, causing the label to not peel off. Thanks to the rotary knife, labels can be produced without any problems in automatic labelling machines.

Label Screen Printing Machine

Although it has been a printing method applied in the printing and advertising sectors since ancient times, screen printing has only recently been used in the label sector. Asal Etiket has started to employ a full UV screen label printing machine within the scope of its wide machinery and offered its services to its customers. With our screen printing machine, the embossed lacquer application on the labels yields very effective results. It is also possible to print according to the braille (six-dot) alphabet for the visually impaired.

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Slicing and Winding Machine

It is an auxiliary machine that completes the printing machine. It has quantity and size counting feature. It can stop automatically at the specified number and size. It performs a smooth and precise slicing.

Roll Label Special Cutting Machine

It changes automatically from one task to another in different projects with low circulation, and it can provide very efficient and fast solutions. With our special cutting machine, we can cut labels in different shapes quickly and effectively. Our special Eclipse cutting machine, which can cut especially long labels (up to 85 cm), can cut bulk orders and low circulation projects without the need for cutting dies.

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